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Immigrant Labourers

The Pre Independence Era
As you might already know, an immigrant is a person who travels to another country with the hope of a better life. The same applied to the Indian and Chinese who were first brought to Mauritius by Bertrand Mahe de Labourdonnais  in the year 1735 as workers to look for a higher standard of living. Bertrand Mahe de Labourdonnais, a French naval officer and the first French governor of Mauritius.

Indian Indentured labourers Later on , during the 19th century when the French rule ended, the British needed more workers to work in the sugarcane fields as at that time, sugar production was at its peak. So, they went to search for more labourers in India and China. The Indian immigrants were brought on a 5 year contract from parts such as Bombay (now known as Mumbai), Kolkata(now known as Calcutta). Madras (now known as Chennai).
The Journey to Mauritius During their travel, many of the immigrants fell sick and some of even died of suffocation as there was a lack of space …
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The mysterious death of dolphins on the coast of Mauritius

After the devastation of the oil spilled from the Japanese bulk carrier MV Wakashio in Mauritius lagoons, atleast 50 dolphins and whales washed up ashore and many of the coral reefs have been affected. These aquatic animals died in the area that was affected by the oil spill. It was like a nightmare for the locals as they saw the carcass on the shore on 26 August 2020. All this has angered all the Mauritian people including me.

Among them there was a mother and her baby which were filmed by a fisherman on the lagoon. He followed them as the baby was already dead but the mother did not leave her till the end. Few minutes  later, the mother dolphin was seen flapping her tails very rapidly and at once she stopped moving. Unfortunately she slowly sank beneath the waves and her dead baby dolphin continued floating, even more than 25 dead dolphins were captured floating on the surface by other fishermen. 
You can watch the video here:

One of the witn…

National Symbols of Mauritius

We have been talking about Mauritius for a while now and today we are going to learn about its national symbols which are used during events to represent a country around the world.

Long time ago, in Mauritius, knights and nobles had a coat of arms and this was a special symbol that represented their family, also used to differentiate one knight from another.
Many colonies in Mauritius got its independence in the 20th century and many people believed that they could govern the island. One among them, was Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam, who worked for the people to have a better life and wanted to provide them with education and health facilities. Later on, an election was held and more people voted for independence and on march 12 1968, Mauritius became an independent country. The national flag was then unveiled with the colours Red, Blue, Yellow and Green.

For Mauritius, the national symbols are 'The National flag', 'The coat of Arms', 'The Dodo Bird' and 'Troche…

Mauritian Cuisine part 1

In Mauritius, there are thousands of street food vendors in every corner of the street, but our Mauritian cuisine is out of this world. As it is a multicultural island, with people from all the continents established here, we have developed a unique fusion flavours of Indian, Chinese, English, French and Creole dishes in our cuisine. So here are some selection of our exotic traditional homemade recipes for the food lovers, which are very simple to prepare. 

Local Massala

Firstly, let me present you our local massala which is the main flavour in most of our Mauritian cuisine. It is prepared with lots of Indian species which give us an incredible aromatic taste.
Here are the ingredients:- -250g coriander seeds  -125g cumin -100g dried chillies -125g dried tumeric  -100g whole black pepper  -50g fenugreek ( methi) -50g cloves -25g cardamoms pods  -50g cinnamon  -25g black mustard seeds -Curry leaves
Grill and crush all the ingredients on a "Roche à Cari" or blend in a mixer. Our Mauritian mas…

Best Places to Visit in Mauritius part2

In this second part, firstly we are going to talk about Ile aux Aigrettres island which is located to the south-east of Mahebourg in Mauritius and it is a very popular tourist attraction. lt is made up of coral limestone, with unique plants, beautiful trees and animals that are rarely found elsewhere in the world. The island is also a scientific research station and has been declared a nature conservation site in 1965, which is being preserved by the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF). A gift shop is available at the visitor 's centre of the island, where you can purchase souvenirs. 

'Le Morne Brabant'  is a mountain in Mauritius which was declared as a WORLD Heritage site by UNESCO and was inaugurated as part of "La Route des Esclaves" on the 1st February 2009 in Mauritius. It is served as a memorium of many escaped slaves in the 18th - 19th centuries. This place is a sanctuary for the runaway slaves, also a cultural and patrimonial symbol for every Mauritian. I…

Best Places to visit in Mauritius Part 1

As stated many times by now, Mauritius is magnificent and today I'm going to tell you about some of the places that you could visit if you come to Mauritius some day.

The most prominent attraction at its prime, The Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden (the SSR Botanical Garden) was created over 300 years ago by the French botanist Pierre Poivre. Later on 17 September 1988, the garden was formally named Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden, in honour of the late Prime Minister, who led the country to independence.

For a long time, it was ranked third among the best gardens around the world. It is notable for its pond of giant water lilies and covers an area of around 37 hectares. Many trees have been planted by great personalities, including Indira Gandhi, princess Margaret, Courtess of Snowdon, Francois Mitterrand and Robert Mugabe. This place is a popular tourist attraction in Pamplemousses in the north of the country.

Student educational tours used to centre around th…